Best ever found Cute Wallet just amazing

The tiny snap pocket on leading is ideal for my lighters. ( I have at least 3 in my purse) I am a lighter hoarder, do not judge. LOL The within is roomy aswell. With another zipper pocket and 2 open up pockets it has room to stash almost anything!! I have been having this purse for approximately a month now, and it has held up great!

I carry one because I cannot fit what I need in my pockets or don’t have pockets. The purses and handbags that I have are getting old and exhausted and so are now too small for what I need/ want to carry with me. I saw that one and thought it had been cute. It is just a little bigger than I thought it will be, but it is not too big. I Love the color and all the different stash and pockets spots. It stays on my shoulder properly and isn’t overweight.?

I was looking for a thing that could hold a couple of diapers and maybe a pack of wipes now that my daughter no more needs a full diaper handbag, in addition my wallet, keys, etc. This bag works perfectly. I like that I’ve three handles to select how to wear/ carry it. I also like the middle zipper pocket. I don’t really utilize it but I like the choice to and the separation it provides.

There are 3 zippered outside pockets large plenty of for a small cell phone therefore they are useable and not simply decorative. Even the 2 2 small snap pockets on the side have a little depth to them. The zippered pocket on the relative back again of the purse is very roomy. There is one interior zippered pocketabout moderate size. while the interior can be deep plenty of for my tablet and large wallet.

A lanyard has been had by me attached to the strap of my tote for this exact purpose. The purse stacks up very well which really is a plus also.Ideally this bag will hold up as well or much better than my Jet Set which I could keep and use when I’d like a somewhat larger tote. Pockets and small zip pocket inside purse for good organizing. Color is certainly a soft black, not overly shiny. The light beige straps add a little pizzaz !! Wish they don’t show dirt too quickly.

I am just not someone to buy For Name Brand !!! And Pay $300 for a Purse I am going to carry for a period or two. if that was my use. I’ve better use for my cash . Awesome buy !!!!! Thanks a lot Heshe !!!! Ideal Tote ! I also bought the Wallet to go with so when I take my computer I could just take one Purse and my wallet matches.

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The mint color is precisely what I wanted and the bag is so soft. I’ve gotten many compliments on it. I am surprised at how much I can match its various compartments–all of my daily essentials and then some! As you will notice in other reviews, the lining fabric does have a tendency to catch in the zippers if you are not cautious, and the handbag has zero structure alone, so it appears kinda weird and floppy if you don’t carry plenty of stuff in it.

If you have read the majority of the reviews you shall know that they all are complementary, except One reviewer who said the bag smelled like seafood!? My nose is very delicate as I make all my very own cleaning items out of essential oils and can’t stand all those strong chemical or artificial fragrances! I put my nose right to the handbag and there is no detectable smell at all! Just has the aroma of a good clean bag! In order that reviewer’s package will need to have been dumped in a fish tank.

My only complaints will be the shoulder strap could possibly be little wider. If you’re carrying too much in your page, the slim strap cuts into your shoulder. A broad strap would offer better support the lining on the two main pockets is actually easy to capture in the zipper. You merely need to be cautious when zipping and unzipping those pockets. They don’t catch all the time, but its something you have to be aware of.

I saw some of the testimonials and quite a few people had problems with their purse’s silver beads or buttons (whatever you would like to call them) popping off, or zippers breaking, or straps breaking. So I was a bit nervous that mine would be broken in a week. Lemme say just…this purse ROCKS. It’s certainly a purse for a person who doesn’t travel lightly (which would be me!).

There can be an additional compartment in the back that is large enough for a large smart phone and other personal items. It comes a supplementary strap to attatch that is clearly a shoulder length flexible strap. It doesn’t genuinely have a noticeable smell and the material is pretty soft.

This purse is soft to touch, looks well made, and a great deal of room! I needed a large enough purse to carry my wallet, mobile phone, all my reusable buying bags, as well as the things I want on hand for my kids- one of my kids provides sensory processing disorder, to ensure that includes earphones to block the sound and a tablet for him to filter the others when he gets too overwhelmed.

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The leather of the Tote is soft and luxurious

It is relatively easy to reverse the colors. I also like that there surely is a smaller purse on the inside that clips to the tote. As the purse was characterized as small, I found it to be the perfect size for my pens, pencils, headphones, and some beauty items. The straps are strong and sturdy, and the rest of the bag has a great shape really.

I’m a big girl and crossbody bags aren’t always an excellent friend, but this handbag has so much provide it’s crazy. Funny enough it has so much space inside to carry all my junk that will either be considered a +/- for me personally cuz I bring my entire life in my handbag like most females. The feel of the material for not being true leather is great, the colour is gorgeous and I am completely and genuinely happy with my purchase.

It has a lot more room than my older 1 which has only one big pocket how big is the biggest among this one and two smaller pockets externally. In my own older purse, I would place my mini iPad with a complete case, my keys, wallet, and sunglasses in one pocket and it had been a hassle to place issues in and out.

This is the bag I have already been searching for at an awesome price. It feels and looks well made, like it was much more expensive than what it was. I got the olive and it was true to the colour pictured and the tassels certainly are a great fine detail. I haven’t carried it yet, so I have no idea how well it will hold up (other folks have stated their straps broke- I hope this is not the case for me). It’s just the right size. I bought it for springtime and plan to take it on holiday with me, I may buy more colors so I have one for multiple outfits.

The leather includes a very heavy and substantial feel to it. It is rather deeply textured in a pebble-type pattern and is wearing perfectly, slowly softening and just now beginning to develop its own warm patina and form through daily use. I actually anticipate what this bag can look like a couple of years from now!

In fact it has the aroma of natural leather though I don’t kid myself that it is all leather or high quality leather given the great pricing—which I am good with as this will be largely for travel. That said I have been using daily since received in fact it is holding up well. I have gotten quite a few compliments for both its appearance and functionality by other ladies who notice I am comparatively down a few bags. The long strap is comfortable and long, which is important if you are 5’10. Also my complete laptop (not only an ipad) along with my keys, wallet, electronic cords storage make-up and bag bag all fit comfortably.

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