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Excellent hat for the purchase price. My fit wouldn’t i want to tuck the excess strap in to the side grommet therefore i doubled it back again over the buckle. It nicely works out. The construction is great and the hat feels durable enough to be an everyday go to from focusing on cars to hikes. You don’t need to be precious with it. The just defect I’ve noticed was an errant thread on the brim. The army styling gives it a more mature and formal; yet still blue training collar feel a normal baseball cap can’t match.

I purchased the ECOnscious Cotton Twill Corps Hat because I needed a basic hat to shade me from sunlight. What I acquired was a remarkably soft and comfy hat that sits extremely lightly on the top, provides great shade and appears and feels very well-made. Time will show about durability, but for now it is thought by me is an incredible bargain and one of the best values out there.

It fit perfectly, and appears like I expected just. I like the way it adjusts in the back. It is such as a belt the way it adjusts, which is better than velcro or a snap back again to me, for all those tend to get caught in my locks. The hat is quite sturdy/ well made.

I actually occasionally wear baseball caps to keep the sun off of my face. That is a good cap. All cotton, which I prefer, and it’s plain, without designs or logos. What I wanted just. I have sort of a large mind, nonetheless it fits and is adjustable still. Love the light yellow color. I might purchase a different color at this low price.

I have to say i thought the hat was a little too small just, but really I then found out why it seemed that method is because I have thick hair, not a large head lol. With only a few times shaping it to my head, it now fits far better. Excellent hat to put on around summer time or anytime. I actually just wore it the other day~ Later on, I will consider obtaining a another color in it.

With my order, the canvas colored one does not fit exactly like the gray (darker or what they called black) one does. I do like the one that fits (5superstars) and the purchase price is fantastic, I am disappointed since the inside lining is not as deep as the other one and it does not allow your head fill up the cap correctly. It sits too high. The material lining inside is a soft and white fairly, separate from the top of the hat.

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