Light perfect Scarves that can be warn year round

Beautiful teal scarf.Pairs with my teal skirt perfectly.This is a high quality,lightweight scarf.I wore it this past weekend and eve though it is a lighter weight material the scarf kept the cool surroundings from reading around my neck.I thought this might only be great in the springtime and summer season but I’m wrong.It is perfect year round.Any item which will keep me warm is worth a 5 star rating!

I believe I returned this one (I cannot remember) but only since the colours were more orange and blue than what I needed.I’m a Packer lover,no chance was I likely to wear Bears colors.I did order two even more in other colors though which were both beautiful! These were distributed by me as Christmas gifts.They are SUPER soft.

I recomend this scarf for everyone including those if us that experiance warm flashes.Its thus cimftrable and soft.Our temperatures have already been below 0 daily.My others i must keep removing then back on.This one i wear very comftrably,the best part is it can be worn by me no matter if below 0 or 30 degrees out.Love the colors to!

I’m bummed that it is now spring and I cannot wear my scarf.We definitely love this scarf it therefore soft, thick and more does not itch importantly. The ribbed effect helps it be appear to be a cool style and I absolutely love this deep red color really.It makes my locs pop.I cannot wait to utilize it more in the colder months.

I love the texture and size of the scarf! It’s ideal for all seasons! You can wrap that one a wide variety of methods,and with a scarf,that means way more put on! I cannot wait to use it this summer with my dresses,and this fall with all my layers.Highly recommend these beautiful scarves! (They don’t smell bad either,woohoo!)

Not only how soft this is,but how much warmth this scarf provides while being a fashionable staple piece to your wardrobe.I live in Alaska,so We can definitely attest to our frosty weathers here and because of this scarf to be pretty and warm,provides it a supplementary five stars from me to be a genuinely good product for meeting its purpose.Wow,from the purchase price,I expected it to come and be not very great in quality or durability.However,this is a magical surprise.

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