Purchase Gorgeous Wallet for a wonderful surprise

It’s roomy enough for all your essentials, and then some!!! Love the excess zipper pocket below. Only one little thing – – the Gray/Dark was purchased by me combo, which is normally what it appeared as if when I got it from the package. After using it the first time, when I (and it’s really the opinion of others, too) viewed it in the daylight, it’s Olive Green/Black!! Oh, well, guess I’ll have to purchase another one. Works out because I don’t have anything in Olive. I’d love to have it in every color!

I’ve always done this, not as a result of this bag, and I highly recommend it if you want travel on the lighter side also. The 6S fits on its side in the back pocket perfectly. All pockets can be zippered with what I keep in it easily. I also visit a book group and it’ll fit a standard sized novel.

Strap is easy to adjust and isn’t wearing out (We often shorten it to hang off the back of my chair, then make it much longer again to use seeing that a cross-body bag). I love all the inner and outer pockets. It fits a typical compact umbrella (such as a Totes brand one) with lots of area for my wallet, keys, and cliche feminine purse stuff. Color is a bit more reddish than in the picture, but it’s still a nice maroon/mahogany tone – not shiny or neon toned. Solid structure, there is nothing tearing or ripping, no stiching is arriving apart.

The bag is wonderful, I’ve a whole lot of stuff and everything fit perfectly and it generally does not feel heavy. It’s properly lined AND all compartments suit flawlessly for camera and mobile phone and pens and coins .,zippers all work and enhance the appeal of the bag! Despite all this I really do wish it was just a little taller so my books inside wasn’t so close to the compartment zippers. Other than the height problem the bag is certainly worth the price!

On the front of the purse, generally there are two pouches. The very best one is zippered, and has of room for things like the little hand sanitizer bottles plenty, keys, sunglasses, etc.Underneath pouch is approximately the same size, and has a flap that folds straight down, and button snaps to hold it set up.On the back of the purse is one last zippered pocket that appears to be the size of the front two pockets combined. Therefore again, plenty of space to carry keys, phone, sunglasses, etc… It retains all this without being huge or bulky!

Being a mom I always carried big purses and handbags but then in the end get sick of them and only begin carrying what I’d like and really need to bring in my hands and it ends up a big hassle, so I was searching for a smaller bag but yet that had a lot of room to it.. then I found this bag and was stunned It do look a little smaller i quickly thought it was going to become on facebook. nonetheless it isn’t overly large, I would state it is perfect.

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