The Watches is so pretty with Tiffany blue

I get compliments about the cool gunmetal finish on the watch consistently.Others have got complained about damage to the band after only a small period of time but I have been putting on mine for over 2 weeks and I really beat on my watches and I actually haven’t seen anything other than a few very small scrapes.The Indiglo works great and it’s really nice having a date dial to keep track what day it really is of the month.

This watch does everything the name brand can do but at a lower cost.It is comfortable to wear.It tracks your heart rate, steps, calories burnt and also how long you rest. You can also customize the fitness tracker activities to the types you need.Once linked with the app, it’ll give call message and notification. It has a good battery life also. I charged it full when I received it 7 days ago, it still has 35% of battery left based on the phone app, which is another plus!

The thin package and large strap doesn’t hinder long sleeves and it will wrap the wrist of a complete grown American man.The stop watch feature is ideal for timing foot races and soccer games.And because the display screen doesn’t blank, you’ll never have to tap, swipe, or click any extra buttons to get back to where you were.It’s a marvel of 20th Century technology that still keeps its relevance in the 21st.

Lately, I’m looking for fitness tracker to monitor my daily activity yet don’t want to invest lots of money about it.Compared to several big brands, Lintelek fitness tracker is much less expensive.Although Lintelek fitness tracker doesn’t look that extravagant like some expensive ones, it does have multifunctions that beyond my expectation.Also, I came across that its battery can last four to five days very long.

Got this just.It was easy to set up, and I’m already using it to monitor my steps.Watches and bracelets typically bug me personally, which is why We never got something similar to this before, but this is lightweight and I barely recognize it’s there.I like that I can check my heartrate with it and customize which choices I would like to see.For instance, I don’t run or ride a bike, so was able to remove those items using the app, and could add a workout option instead.

I also use excess weight watchers and this application doesn’t sync with their app.I am rating this as a 5 star because of its bargain and realize that it’s a great device.Though it doesn’t accomplish what I want it to, for many people it shall do precisely what they need.

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