Very good polarized sunglasses

I have a large head and other glasses of the same size would squeeze the blood out of my brains. The arms are very comfortable and dont squeeze the full life out of your head. I also just like the style of the nose rest. All in all, the Duco Men’s Sports activities Style Polarized Sunglasses are definitely a value for your money.

These sunglasses are much better than the $130 Ray-bans I’m replacing them with. Good clarity during the day, without cleaning out color. I researched and purchasd these after reading an article about how exactly Luxottica owns just about the entire brand name eyewear sector, and capitalizes on name brand a lot more than quality. Save your valuable money, and present these a shot.

The lenses offer great UV and polarizization protection. I like the tint on the brownish lenses. They appear to enhance the clarity and view of nature on a sunny day. I wanted quality sports eyeglasses without paying the $100+ overpriced retail price tag for mainstream glasses, especially ones that tag up their priceby $50 just for polarization.

The skies are covered in grey or blue or white, almost all the time. It can be nerve-racking, driving around here, with all that glare, all that big sky, no clouds. I got these to help me handle it plus they totally help me not experience so claustrophobic on hot days where the sunlight and the sky is certainly everywhere. I even use them while functioning outside on my computer, I literally work outside and gaze within my computer with these glasses on because they’re so excellent at reducing glare!

The lenses are a bit more wide than tall, however they look fantastic. The frame is fully metallic with rubber end-pieces also, very sturdy too. I’d not say these are glasses I would put on outside for yard-work, but these are definitely some informal or going out eyeglasses. They look real slick and feel pretty good too. Also, the included hard case is definitely immensely more useful than i thought initially. I ride a motorbike therefore i stash these in my backpack. Despite all the bumps, no harm has arrive to the glasses, not really much as a scratch.

These feel very sturdy and durable. The hinges are very responsive and don’t feel cheap. They emerged in quality product packaging with a protecting hard case, cloth tool and bag. The company appears to really take pride in their arent and glasses trying to make cheap knock off glasses.

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